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Our all natural and organic product portfolio includes a wide range of functional beverages, probiotic yogurts, organic milk, Deli, Cheese, innovative bakery, produce, prepared food, meat, and seafood  for a variety of dietary needs.  Please click here to reach us fastest C.Service@GourmetGuru.Com or fill in the fields to the right to find out more about us or set up a meeting with with one of our Business Development Guru's. 


If you are looking for quality representation, premium DSD service, and a passionate, hardworking team to build your business you have come to the right place!  Our talented Business Development Team aim's to place your products  in the right key accounts and thereafter ensure they are properly looked after and merchandised at store level.  We also offer a variety of marketing and 3PL support services for our Producers.  Email us to reach us here C.Service@GourmetGuru.Com Attn: NASA Team to reach us fastest or fill in form to right, and we will follow up with you to review your product line and working opportunities. 

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