Welcome to Gourmet Guru, the areas premier all natural and organic food distributor.   Founded in 1996, as the first local family owned all natural retail distributor, we source, develop and deliver a full range of innovative 100% natural and organic food products to our valued customers.  At the heart of our core values is our mission statement, "helping make the world a better place to eat, naturally".   Our commitment to do so involves building symbiotic partnership's built on great teamwork, strong service, a passion for healthy products and a wide variety of 3PL and marketing support services .  

Our Story

It all began with a 1986 Ford E-350 box truck and a dream!  Founder and CEO Jeff Lichtenstein's humble beginnings were as a sole proprietor making deliveries from a used truck and a warehouse of about 1000 square feet.  

Well before organic was defined by the government and back when "healthy eating" meant getting a diet soda with your fries, margarine with 30 ingredients and saccharine instead of honey, Jeff and his wife Kim, who soon joined the operation, saw a growing awareness and need for real natural and organic food options.  Most of the limited selection of  natural food products came out of the West Coast at that time, but that was about to change.  Realizing the East Coast had some catching up to do we found and partnered with some little known start-ups, like Applegate Farms and Fage yogurt, as their first distributor.  Progress and evolution never happen overnight, but with determination, marketing know-how, and  the rise of America's food revolution we helped turn these and in turn many other small scale products into household names. 

 In 2002, Gourmet Guru expanded our facility to better service our New England customers.  In 2010 to further evolve and service our Mid-Atlantic customer base we constructed a state-of-the-art Green LEED-certified facility, adding nearly 50x our original space in our distribution footprint located in the largest food hub in the United States.

Almost two decades after we opened our doors Jeff and our entire Gourmet Guru team are still driven by our quest to rid our families of unnatural, highly processed and adulterated food that still plagues our shelves and pantries.  By continuing our mission of finding and developing healthier, natural, non-GMO and organic options, we are proud of the role we play in reinventing the food landscape.  Our passion for continuous improvement of our organization, our food chain, our community, our ecosystem and our relationships are what we are most passionate about. 

We are most proud of our extended family also known as our team, customers and producer partner's that we work with to represent a diverse array of innovative, game changing products that personify our core values and that you would be proud to serve in your home.  We invite you to connect with one of our Business Development Guru's today to learn more about our product offerings, support services and opportunities to partner with you to help develop your business, foot traffic and customer loyalty. 

Gourmet Guru Picnic

Gourmet Guru Picnic